• Patrick Conlon

    Highslide JS
    DJ Patrick Conlon was born March 3, 1981 and has always loved music. He listens to anything from jazz to classic rock to dance and even a little hip hop... very little. Patrick started playing at house parties then moved into DJ'ing Rock'n'Bowl at his local bowling alley. He started into the bar scene around age 20 and has been djing on and off for almost 20 years now. Clubs played: Club Hippo, 1722, Trust, Grand Central, Spot (Baltimore) Cobalt (D.C.) Pure (Philadelphia)

  • Kuhmeleon

    Highslide JS
    Kuhmeleon began his DJ career back in 1983 at the ripe old age of 12. After numerous guest DJ appearances he finally landed his first residency in 1989 and hasn't looked back. Being an avid music junkie, he has amassed a music collection that many others can't match. And this has afforded him the ability to play for ANY club, for ANY crowd, with ANY type of music neeeded! He has tackled nearly every genre of music with HOUSE/DANCE being his first and foremost. A skilled and talented remixer and producer, Kuhmeleon has continually wowed the dancefloors with his EXCLUSIVE tracks and remixes. His passion, knowledge, and respect for music, artists, DJ's, etc. has gained him recognition as a "jack of all trades" and a reliable asset to the nightclubs he holds residency in. "It's the ONLY job I know how to do"  , says Kuhmeleon  "so I work hard to maintain it without ever letting go why I'm in this business to begin with" Kuhmeleon has watched with a keen eye the changing of music trends in Baltimore. He has payed attention to the dancefloor crowd and their wants and needs. "The people are there for a reason. And as a DJ, ya gotta give 'em what they want and entertain them and at the same time, do it with your own flare and style. And give them new music as well. It's a juggling act sometimes, but a skilled DJ can pull it off without a hitch" DJ Kuhmeleon alternates Friday nights with Jon Boesche at CLUB 1722 as part of SOUNDTRACK. Featuring dance mixes of Top 40 hits! And the Saturdays that he performs..... are the REALLY special nights as he spins the latest in HOUSE/TECHNO/TRIBAL/ELECTRO and CIRCUIT tracks. He's also Baltimore's #1 HORROR MOVIE Fan which makes his Halloween sets at 1722 something NO ONE should miss.

  • Sean Morris

    Highslide JS DJ Sean Morris began his career in 2011. He has been in the club scene for over 10 years as a party promoter, light tech, and various other roles. In 2011 Sean had the opportunity to spin in the Capital Pride parade and the 17th Street Festival. He has spun guest spots at Sweet Spot and Nellie's in Washington DC as well as Club Hippo and Club 1722 in Baltimore, MD. Sean has shared the booth with some of the biggest names in the business such as Razor'n Guido, Paulo, Alex Acosta, and Tracy Young. Sean holds a weekly residency at Cobalt and the monthly Just Circuit party in Washington, DC.